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ISO GMP HACCP HALAL Certification Services

Muenlan ISO GMP HACCP HALAL certification services with many CBs (inspectors) to choose from. and have high quality consultants for you Get made and give advice to all types of factories. Both in and outside the industrial zones across the countryOperated by a team of knowledgeable, experienced and specialized advisors with more than 20 years of experience 


ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization . International Standards Organization or the International Organization for Standardization It is an organization that issues various standards. related to business and industry The standard that this organization came out Also used as a prefix of ISO, such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, which are standards related to quality management systems. and environmental management system


GMP is product manufacturing standards is a control criterion. production (Good Manufacturing Practice) as well as the control process to comply with the product quality management department of the state or community. for better research, production, consumption and trade List of relevant products for inspection and compliance They vary somewhat from community to community, but the aim of establishing a GMP standard depends on reducing risks in consumer-related factors and materials. By establishing standards for cleaner and safer public roads, GMP is called the Quality Management System. It was initially used as a toxic substance control process and a pharmacological method.


HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System which is a standard for exporting products around the world To ensure the quality and safety of food products

HACCP is a standard that focuses on supervision from the production process until the product reaches the consumer. Whether it is the process of raw material selection, production and transportation, it can prevent danger. including food contaminants such as biological hazards chemical hazard physical danger and the danger of improper storage etc.


Halal Read that “Halal” is The word comes from the Arabic language which means any production, service or distribution that is not contrary to Islamic law. Therefore, we can say that “halal food” is food that has been processed. Mix, cook, assemble, or transform according to the religious law. It is a guarantee that Muslims can generally consume food. Or consumer products or services with confidence. We can observe whether the product is “Halal” or not from the “Halal” stamp on the side of the package is important.

“Halal mark” is the mark of the Faculty. Director of Halal Affairs of the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand or various provincial Islamic committees have allowed entrepreneurs to make stamps or show on the lotteries or any product or business using the so-called symbol “Halal”
which is written in Arabic as حلال inside a rhombus. Behind the frame are vertical stripes. Under the frame, within the parallel lines, there is the word “Office of the Central Islamic Council of Thailand” by this sign. will be issued to food products and drink Halal products and or halal meat imported from abroad etc.