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Permission to open restaurants, pubs, bars and more

Muenlan Authorization services for restaurants, pubs, bars, etc. We provide regulated services. Supervise food distribution locations or store food efficiently It is operated by a team of knowledgeable, experienced and skilled advisors.

In the restaurant business In addition to general restaurants There are also two types of restaurants: those that focus directly on alcoholic beverages, such as pubs and bars, and restaurants that focus on drinks and food pairings, perhaps steakhouses, often offering wines and cocktails. to drink with food Did you know that to have alcoholic beverages for sale in that store? You can’t just sell it because it’s illegal. To get it right, your shop needs to have Liquor sales license

license For general stores such as restaurants that sell both Thai and foreign liquor, the second and third type of liquor is allowed to be sold in quantities less than 10 liters and can sell domestic and foreign liquor.

Food outlets that must comply with are as follows

1. Any building, premises set up to prepare food or prepare food for immediate sale to the buyer for immediate consumption. with the area intended for consumption there or to consume elsewhere
2. Permitted (in case of area over 200 sq.m.) or certificate (In case of area not more than 200 sq.m.) from local
3. Excluding public places or ways for cooking. Or cook until it is sold to the buyer to consume immediately. with the area intended for consumption there or to consume elsewhere

Hygiene of food selling places according to the ministerial regulations, divided into 4 categories:

1. Location category such as the floor used for cooking must be clean, the material is strong, easy to clean. There is enough light.
2. Method of making Assembling or cooking, storing and distributing food, for example, fresh food must be handled. Must be of good quality, clean, safe and stored at the appropriate temperature.
3. The category of utensils, equipment and other utensils such as must be clean and made of safe materials. suitable for each type of food There must be a center spoon for shared meals.
4. Operators and food handlers, for example, must be in good health. Not a contagious disease or carrier There is protection against contamination. Must pass training in accordance with the rules and procedures specified.

Services is a location that is established to provide services for the benefit of trade. as follows

  1. Dancing, dancing or rongng places, with and without female partners, such as nightclubs, bars, restaurants, etc. {Provisions under Section 3(1) of the .The Hospitals Act 1966}
  2. A place where food, liquor, tea or other beverages are sold. and service by a female comforter for serving customers or with a place to relax, sleep or have a massage for customers or a teahouse with a bed to sleep in. and provides massage services to customers, etc.) {Public Service Places under Section 3(1) of the Hospitals Act, 1966}
  3. A place for bathing, massage or steaming, which has services for customers (such as a place for bathing, massage or steaming, which has a massage service for customers, including Hairdressing or perm shop, which also has massage rooms for customers, etc.) {Service Places under Section 3(1) of the Service Places Act, 1966}
  4. A place where food, liquor, tea or other beverages are sold. by organizing a musical performance or Any other performances for entertainment (e.g. coffee shop A food or beverage shop by providing a musical performance or any other performance for entertainment, etc.) {Service Places under Section 3(1) of the Hospitality Act, B.E. 2509}</span >

Service establishment guidelines

Buildings or places that are permitted to be set up as service places must

  1. Not close to the temple a place for performing religious rituals Schools or educational establishments, hospitals, nursing homes that accept overnight patients, youth clubs or dormitories according to the dormitory law. in a size that can be seen to cause a nuisance to the aforementioned places.
  2. Not in a neighborhood where people live. which will cause trouble
    causing annoyance to nearby residents
  3. Good ventilation
  4. Currently, the Ministry of Interior has a policy not to allow establishment of a brothel under section 3(1) (2) and (3, unless a brothel has been granted permission. prior to the policy of not allowing such permission or being a service place located in a hotel that meets the standards for tourism or has received a promotion certificate from the BOI which will allow it to be established only service places under section 3 (4) in such hotels Yes, 1 per hotel

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