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Hotel business license application service

Muenlan Service for a license to operate a hotel business of all types, sizes, nationwide or to change the use of a building from a dormitory to a hotel. We can help make a license for you. Specialized experts will help every step of the way until the project is complete. and received a hotel business license because of customer success is our goal.

Application for a hotel business license to be legal So that those who use the hotel service feel at ease with the safety of using the service. The hotel therefore must have a hotel business license. Otherwise, if it is found that the hotel is not licensed, it will be closed and still guilty of a crime.

The main point that the hotel can’t ask for business permission is based on 3 things:

Town Planning Law defines the color zone area. that in some areas there has been a ban on the construction of hotel buildings.

Building Regulations require hotels Large parking spaces are required.

Building Control Act has provided The hotel building is a designated building and requires permission to use the building from the local authorities.

A.1 What is it? Aor.1 is a building permit, such as a building plot or demolition : For those who wish to Construction of buildings and structures, documents must be submitted to the local authorities. A.5 What is it? Or.5 is a permit to change the use of a building : a building that is not a building that is not a controlled building such as a residential building. Residential buildings, parking garages, etc., if you wish to use the building as a building that controls the use under Section 32 and the Ministerial Regulation No. 5 (B.E. 2527) or wishes to change the use of a building that controls the use for a business to use It is another type of building that is controlled for use in another business. Must obtain a permit from the local authorities. For those who already have the same apartment. and want to change to a hotel because he sees an opportunity that is open for daily rental, more cost-effective Or those who have private residences, old houses, old buildings that were inherited from their ancestors, old garages, if they want to turn into hotels to earn money. Must go to apply for a permit to change the use of the building or Aor 5 first. A.6 What is it? Or.6 is a building construction certificate, building modification or building move : a building that is controlled for use. When construction or modification as permitted until completion must request permission to open the building By notifying in the form Or 6 to the local officer for inspection of the construction or modification of the building. when the local official has inspected saw that before constructing or modifying a building correct as allowed It will issue a certificate to the person asking permission to use the building. Thanks to the source : www.a-lisa.net